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The continuing standing trend towards mechanization of labor-intensive and thus expensive steps also extends to agriculture does not hold. In times when fruit juice drinks are growing in popularity, thereby automating the Most fruit crops is increasingly becoming the focus of economic thinking fruit farmers.

Most fruit to the harvest from local orchards to combat increasing competition from lower cost countries economically and to market profitably, is close to the idea to create a Obstauflesegerät. Especially satisfying these needs, the company has already written wetland than 30 years ago to raise the flag.
Set in the orchards protected Württemberg, the family Feucht Obsttechnik Erbstetten technology from Europe has become the market leader in fruit harvesting equipment for apples, pears, plums and walnuts become. Rationalization of the fruit crop with the highest quality of the harvested fruit in terms of cleanliness, integrity and Aufleserate is the selling point of the machinery of wetlands.

The fruit harvest is divided into two areas:

Shaking the trees

picking up of the fruit

For both harvest operations, the company offers Rocket Inter Action GmbH product range the company to numerous Feucht Obsttechnik, to the particular requirements of the customers equipment. Rope shaker, strain and shakers behind and ride- fruit collector machines form in various finishes and with many accessories a balanced range of equipment for almost every application.

Rocket Inter Action coordinated to have the advice in Chile, Argentina and many other countries also ex / import of machinery and equipment to Chile. As a reliable local contact in Chile after the customer is buying a permanently high level service to the side, which is specifically for the harvesting season of the “Fundo managers” highly valued and expected.

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