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TECNOFRUIT – Productores de fruta uso maquinas con cintas

In the last few years the harvest has become one of the biggest problems for the modern fruit grower. The prices of fruit vary a lot, labour costs are ever on the increase, the availability of staff on the labour market is ever more problematic, and the administrative burden put on the running of the business is increasingly complex. It is inescapable that agricultural firms must continually rationalise and mechanise their production processes. The modern fruit grower is forced to choose machinery that substantially lowers the production costs but at the same time takes into account the demands of the market as far as quality is concerned.

Hermes Tecno L - Harvesting Technology

Hermes Tecno L – Harvesting Technology

It is for these reasons that our fruit picking machines with conveyor belts are so widely appreciated: they guarantee quality, functionality and simplicity of use. As long ago as 1975 HERMES began to market these fruit picking machines. Today our firm boasts the widest practical experience, on a European level, and succeeds in uniting innovative machines with the demands of the modern fruit grower with these models:

FRUMACO Tecnofruit CF110 : for orchards where the spacing between the tree rows is 3,70 to 4.50 metres

RUMACO Tecnofruit CF105: for orchards where the spacing between the tree rows is 3.00 to 3.80 metres

HERMES PLUK-O-TRAK: for small orchards until 5 ha where the spacing between the tree rows is 2.90 to 3.70 metres


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