The sweeper mashines are similar in their dimensions very strong small street sweepers. They are easy to use and with them the fruit harvest is really fun. They are suitable for use both in the scattered orchards and on plantations. The picking up of apples, pears, plums and walnuts is possible with the Auflesemaschinen even under extreme conditions, for example in the wet, grass mulch, tall grass and foliage. The machines have practice tests in knee-high foliage and autumn damp grass interspersed with flying colors.

Thanks to its sophisticated technology are driving on slopes with up to 35 degree slope is not an insurmountable obstacle. transport (up to 45 degrees with differential lock) Depending on the conditions and crop density, the self-propelled fruit harvesters between 1-8 tons of fruit per hour into the container. The collecting tank has a capacity 35-700 liters.

These devices can harvest a marked increase in productivity in the short harvest season fruit must be achieved while increasing profitability. The drive systems to be mechanically and automatically tensioned V-belt transmission and full power and are driven by industrial engines with outputs from 5.5 hp to 18 hp. The 180 kg to 1500 kg machines are infinitely forward and backward, powered with optional differential lock, and reach speeds from 0.5 to 16 km / h.

Cleaning and recording technology of the fruit

The working principle of automatic fruit picking is very simple: A roller with rubber fins, take the fruit from the ground and discharges it out along a trajectory in the container. On the way there’s the fruit a sophisticated cleaning system. The fruit is recorded without contamination.


Working with the machine

When collecting is always worked from the outside to the inside to the log out. For individual trees in a clockwise direction so that the wheel and the left rear wheel always run outside. In this way, no fruits are crushed by the wheels. In the cultivation of plantation rotors can be collected in each direction. For a large proportion of leaves or much mulched grass, the operating speed of 0.5 to 3 km / h, since this is the best cleaning quality.

Optimal conditions you have, if the grass carpet between 15 and 25 cm high. The operator achieved:

* Optimum cleaning of the fruit (as clean as if by hand)

* Long shelf life of fruit

* Highest Auflesegrad here bridges the grass cover uneven ground

* On slopes is the fruit in the grass cover are fixed and can not creating defects in front of the machine.

* Even in wet weather could very well be picked fruit



Machine overview of Feucht harvester machines

Device type
Working width Motor Propulsion Weight Loading volume Unloading height Power / hour
OB 50
50cm Honda OHV 5,5 PS mechanically with 4 speed gearbox 75 kg 2x 40 ltr. baskets 70cm Bis 1,5 Tonnen
OB 70
70cm Honda OHV 5,5 PS mechanically with 4 speed gearbox 105 kg 3x 35 ltr. baskets 70cm Bis 2,5 Tonnen
OB 80
80cm (150cm) Honda OHV 6,5 PS mechanically with 6 speed gearbox 180 kg 6x 35 ltr. baskets 70cm Bis 4 Tonnen
OB 80 Hydro
80cm (150cm) Honda OHV 11 PS Hydrostatic with variable differential lock 195 kg 6x 35 ltr. baskets 70cm Bis 4 Tonnen
OB 100 A
Sitting on machine
100cm (275cm) Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 16 PS Hydrostatic all-wheel propulsion 510 kg 700 ltr. bunker 2,50m Bis 5 Tonnen
OB 80 Professional
ATo build on the tractor mascine
80cm (250-300cm) accessory equipment About PTO shaft from the tractor 1500 kg 8000 ltr. Scissors tilt trailer 3,2m Bis 15 Tonnen
OB Future 2
Fully self-propelled harvester
400cm – 600cm Dieselmotor 24 PS Hydrostatic infinitely variable-wheel drive with differential lock 2300 kg 2100 ltr. 2,4m Bis 10 Tonnen
OB Future 1
Fully self-propelled harvester
400cm – 600cm Dieselmotor 90 PS Hydrostatic infinitely variable-wheel drive with differential lock 9100 kg Overload in the next row bis 6 m Bis 40 Tonnen

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