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 100% Made in Germany!

The Roll-Blitz is a tool to collect ball-shaped items like fruits, nuts, balls etc.

The Roll-Blitz is available in various versions

recoger cocecha


The Roll-Blitz apple is suitable for collecting items with a diameter between 4 and 10 cm like apples, pears, oranges, lemons, apricots, peaches, tennis balls, etc.



The Roll-Blitz hazelnut is suitable for collecting items with a diameter up to 2.5 cm like hazelnuts, acorns, almonds, various seeds, pistachios, olives etc.


The Roll-Blitz walnut is suitable for collecting items with a diameter between 2 and 5 cm like walnuts, golf balls, plums, cherries, olives, mirabelles, chestnuts and so on


Important remark

  • Objects entangled in the Roll-Blitz’s wires should be removed immediately. This prevents unwanted deformation or breakage of the wires.
  • Single wires cannot be replaced
  • Single wires can be bend after long usage. If that happened, bend carefully the wires which are out of shape back into the correct shape by hand.
  • The holding bracked can be adjusted to the wire basket of the Roll-Blitz by compressing and pulling it apart respectively.
  • Regular lubrication of the two pivot points between holding bracket and wire basket prevents squeaking during the process. You also extend the service life of Roll-Blitz.

1 year manufacturer warranty

From the date of purchase the Roll Blitz is under warranty for 1 year.

This warranty covers none of the following:

  • Deformations of the wire basket and other parts due to misuse of the Roll-Blitz
  • Distruction or deformation of the wire basket or other parts caused by a fall or drop.


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