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Model OE4 – This harvester is based on a principle of single system. The vibration and collection function is combined in one side machine next to the tree.

In this type of machine a method of continuous harvest is used, i.e., trees are harvested continuously without pauses. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with a shaker which operates continuously. A special electro-hydraulic mechanism controls the process.

Thus, after this operation, fruits do not fall to the ground, as an umbrella over the lines of trees will help with the process. From the side of the machine and from umbrella, fruits are obtained through a special sealing built on a central conveyor belt. This is designed such that, despite the density function, is still providing a continuous harvest operation.

On the downstream conveyor, the elevator and the purification phase, fruits will be transported to an adjacent row powered container. The harvester has a chassis with high and controlled lateral suspension level, in such a way that it is able to adapt to more difficult areas. The operator can perform and supervise from cabin all machine functions.

All work processes of the machine are performed electro-hydraulically. Modification of the collection during transport will also be electro-hydraulic and will only take about 2 minutes. The harvester is authorized for road use.



Machine System: Single system

Self-propelled harvester Vehicle in parallel for the harvesting of the crops

Operation: One man

Harvesting methods: Continuous work shaker with a “Shake and Catch” method

Crop Transportation: Parallel transfer of the crop from the delivery system in a vehicle moving in adjacent row

Crop Yields: Up to 7 trees / min in T01

Facilities design: Distance between the rows > 5, 0 m

Tree separation > 1.8 m

Trunk diameter 80 mm until 200 mm

Trunk Height > 0.7 m

Crown height < 4.0 m (< 5.0 m possible)

Crown width < 3.2 m

Fruits: Apples, Pears, other fruits Cherries Plums

Cleaning of the harvest: Wood and leaves separation

Road transport : DEKRA type, suitable and tested


OE4 Prospekt Erläuterung

Picking the fruit machine OB 50 and OB 70 is the smallest and cheapest fruit picking machine worldwide.

The Honda engine with 5.5 horsepower allows speeds of up to 7 km/h. This easy-to-use machine has a very good collective performance and up to 99% of the soil/dust is not collected. The rotor made of rubber the speed is variable, takes on the fruit and transport it in the widely used plastic basket, which can be replaced by empty ones stored on the machine.

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  • Very maneuverable and easy, with short, compact design
  • Very good cleaning of the fruit, leaves and grass
  • The steel parts are coated in plastic. Compared to conventional coatings it is much more professional and UV resistant optimum grass length between 15-25 cm in length grass
  • Our machines achieve the highest percent of pickups (almost 100% without damaging the fruit by gentle absorption of the rubber lip at the minimum and maximum fruit density. During the end call the fruit is cleaned of leaves and grass
  • The device is easy to use

Technical data

Working wide: 500mm / 700mm
Engine: 5,5 PS Honda-engine
Drive train: 3 forward speeds one reverse speed, mechanical differential
Length: 900 mm / 1100 mm
Wide: 1200mm / 1450mm
High: 1210 mm
Tires: behind 3.00 – 4 AS Profil, front 16×6.50-8
Weight: 65 kg / 95 kg
Pick up adjustment: at front wheel with rings
Pickup capacity: up to 1,5 Tonnen/h / 2,5 Tonnen/h
Users: Private persons, communities, professionals
Fruit kinds: Apple, pear, walnuts, hazelnuts, citrus fruits


Die Maschine ist für die Ernte von Steinfrüchten entwickelt worden. z.B. Kirschen, Pflaumen, Mirabellen, Oliven usw.

Die Ernte der Früchte erfolgt durch Schütteln.

Eine innovative Lösung ist die Anwendung von einem umgekehrten “Regenschirm”, der vor dem Schüttlen unter dem Baum aufgemacht wird.

Das Konzept des Schüttelgerätes, das mit einem aufgemachten Regenschirm und Reinigungsventilator ausgestattet wird, erwies sich in der Praxis sehr nützlich.

Um ein 95% Arbeitsresultate zu erzielen, ist es wichtig, den Obstgarten entsprechend vorzubereiten. Der empfohlene Baumreihenabstand beträgt mind. 4 Meter, der Baumabstand in einer Reihe beträgt 2,2 bis zu 2,5 Meter. Wichtig ist auch die Höhe des Baumstammes – mind. 0,7 Meter. Der Durchschnitt der Baumkrone soll nicht 3,5 Meter überschreiten.

Die Maschine wird von nur drei Personen bedient: Einem Fahrer, einem Schüttelgerätbediener und einem weiteren Mitarbeiter.

Das Gerät wird für eine Fläche von 5 Hektar empfohlen. In optimalen Bedingungen kann man Früchte von 50 bis zu 60 Bäumen pro Stunde schütteln.




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The fruit-picking machines with conveyor belts of the TECNOFRUIT series represent the most modern and technically advanced system available for fruit harvesting. The machines can also be handled by less experienced staff as they have been designed for simple and practical operation.

The machines of the TECNOFRUIT series can be used for various tasks all the year round: in addition to the harvest, they are ideally suited to summer and winter pruning and the installation and maintenance of hail nets. In short, they are ideal machines for the fruit growers who are looking for a robust, multipurpose machine.


The extensive standard equipment and a series of efficient accessories allow the machines of the TECNOFRUIT series to be adapted to the special needs of individual fruit growers. The several advantages of the machines of the TECNOFRUIT series are the result of many years of experience in the field, of a great deal of research and last but not least of the suggestions of the fruit growers themselves. All this was realised with the help of state-of-the-art 3D software and the application of high precision production cycles.

All the models can be equipped with TIER 4 Diesel engines, the most powerful engines that can be used in this segment from the point of view of the reduction of noise and emission levels. On the other hand these machines provide the highest fuel efficiency.


All machines of the TECNOFRUIT series have been EU approved.
The ongoing research to improve the machine, together with its performance and safety-in-the-workplace record guarantee a state-of-the-art machine for modern fruit-growers.

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