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The fruit machine glean OB 80 is manufactured and sold for 15 years with great success

The Honda engine with 6.5 hp allowing a speed of up to seven km / h Since 2002 the OB80 as an option a 11 hp engine and a continuously variable hydraulic drive with differential lock, which is especially helpful in extreme slopes. The device has a mechanical steering.


The easy-to-use device designed unit has a very good Aufsammelleistung of up to 99% depending on soil. The rotor made of rubber, the speed is infinitely variable, the fruit absorbs and transports it into the two wide throw used plastic baskets, which are taken to the rear. Through the use of sophisticated components, the device is very robust and guarantees many years of reliable standby.

The acquisition of this fruit glean machine is especially for the machinery ring, but also for farmers with medium-sized meadow orchards.

fruit: apples, pears, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, plums, citrus fruits, etc.

see video  [youtube][/youtube]



  • Compact desing and big streering angle for maximum manouverability
  • Can be used in plants and on fruit meadows. Plant rotor with triangle wings (registered desing) and optimized ground adjustment are reaching pickup rates higher than 99%
  • 100% seperation of fruit from grass and leaves
  • Easy access to fuit baskets, stored 700 mm high
  • Bracket for additional fruit baskets
  • The plant rotor is able to rotate with infinitely variable speed
  • Metal sheets are phosphate-treated and powder-coated. This gives much better mechanical and UV stability compared to conventional paints
  • The plant rotor can be exactly adjusted to the ground by skid. The system follows every ground automatically
  • Drive belts are spring extensioned are maintanance free. This system can be compared to hydraulic drives but it is much cheaper
  • Front wheel steering is connected to the rhs handle. Gear linkage for reduced steering froces allows young people and woman to use the machine even on inclines
  • Ergonomically arranged controls, safety stop for drive train.
  • Our machines are reaching highest pickup rates (nearly 100%) without damaging any fruit. It dosn´t matter if there is more or less fruit available. Fruits will be cleaned during pickup process
  • Complete fruit basket capacity is utilised
  • Possible grass lenght for best pickup results: 5-25 cm
  • Powerful engine and low noise level (only 30% engine load)
  • Tractor drawbar for transport (not for hydrostatic transxle).
  • Pneumatic control replacing bowden wires (option for hydrostatic transaxle only)


  • Operating hours counter
  • Continuously driven plantation rotor with flow regulation
  • Differential lock (only for hydrostatic transmission for up to 45 degrees)
  • Pneumatic actuation instead of Bowden cables (for hydrostatic transmission)



Technical data

Working width: 800mm bis 1600mm
Engine: 6,5 HP, optional 11 HP Honda OHV gasoline single cylinder engine electrinic ignition
Drive train: 5 forward speeds one reverse speed, mechanical differential or hydrostatic transaxle
Transmission: belt driving pickup system, automatic belt extensioners
Incline capability unrestricted
Pickup adjustment: height adjustment with fixable spindle at front wheel
Fruit basket volume:: 2 x 35 ltr.
Pickup capacity: 2,5 or 4 tons/hour
Length: 2250 mm/ 2930 mm with tractor drawbar for
Transport: Width: 1520 mm
Height: 980 mm
Weight: Approx. 180 kg



New apple varieties, new mutants, new pest control procedures, new machineries and equipment, new means of production: Interpoma – international trade show for the cultivation, storage and marketing of the apple – is theworldwide unique event of its kind.
South Tyrol is the largest contiguous apple-growing area in all of Europe. With its know-how and standards of technology, it’s among the leading apple-producing regions. Bolzano, as the capital of South Tyrol, is consequently the ideal location for the world-renowned tradeshow on the apple.

Interpoma presents the complete process chain from the cultivation to the storage and marketing of the fruit of Adam and Eve – an experience throughout 360°, focused on business, hospitality, enogastronomy and nature, rounded up by a top-class event programme with a special attention on the international congress “The Apple in the World”.

Die Messe Interpoma, 2016 , die alle zwei Jahre in Bozen (Italien) stattfindet, ist mittlerweile wichtigster internationaler Treffpunkt für Fachleute, die an den modernsten Technologien im Apfelanbau interessiert sind.

Aus diesem Grund, ist die Firma Frumaco Europe mit ihren einzigartigen Obsterntemaschinen auf der Interpoma vertreten (auf der Messe INTERFRUCTA in Stuttgart wird Frumaco Europe auch ausstellen).

Die Obsterntemaschinen Tecnofruit stellen heute sicherlich die fortschrittlichste Lösung für die Ernte dar und bieten sich als all-round Maschinen für die Arbeiten über das ganze Jahr hin an.

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst davon, das Frumaco Europe Team heisst Sie auf dem Stand C18/58 herzlich willkommen!

Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihren Besuch, gerne wird ein Termin für Sie vorgemerkt, damit Sie keine Wartezeiten in Kauf nehmen müssen.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns:

Mr. Tom Neumann

E-mail: tom(at)

Mobile: +49 171 7847140

Skype: tom-neumann

Mr. Stefan Scharrer

E-mail: scharrer.stefan(at)

Mobile: +39 338 6245931

Skype: stefan.scharrer_hermes

Picking the fruit machine OB 50 and OB 70 is the smallest and cheapest fruit picking machine worldwide.

The Honda engine with 5.5 horsepower allows speeds of up to 7 km/h. This easy-to-use machine has a very good collective performance and up to 99% of the soil/dust is not collected. The rotor made of rubber the speed is variable, takes on the fruit and transport it in the widely used plastic basket, which can be replaced by empty ones stored on the machine.

watch video



  • Very maneuverable and easy, with short, compact design
  • Very good cleaning of the fruit, leaves and grass
  • The steel parts are coated in plastic. Compared to conventional coatings it is much more professional and UV resistant optimum grass length between 15-25 cm in length grass
  • Our machines achieve the highest percent of pickups (almost 100% without damaging the fruit by gentle absorption of the rubber lip at the minimum and maximum fruit density. During the end call the fruit is cleaned of leaves and grass
  • The device is easy to use

Technical data

Working wide: 500mm / 700mm
Engine: 5,5 PS Honda-engine
Drive train: 3 forward speeds one reverse speed, mechanical differential
Length: 900 mm / 1100 mm
Wide: 1200mm / 1450mm
High: 1210 mm
Tires: behind 3.00 – 4 AS Profil, front 16×6.50-8
Weight: 65 kg / 95 kg
Pick up adjustment: at front wheel with rings
Pickup capacity: up to 1,5 Tonnen/h / 2,5 Tonnen/h
Users: Private persons, communities, professionals
Fruit kinds: Apple, pear, walnuts, hazelnuts, citrus fruits


Die Maschine ist für die Ernte von Steinfrüchten entwickelt worden. z.B. Kirschen, Pflaumen, Mirabellen, Oliven usw.

Die Ernte der Früchte erfolgt durch Schütteln.

Eine innovative Lösung ist die Anwendung von einem umgekehrten “Regenschirm”, der vor dem Schüttlen unter dem Baum aufgemacht wird.

Das Konzept des Schüttelgerätes, das mit einem aufgemachten Regenschirm und Reinigungsventilator ausgestattet wird, erwies sich in der Praxis sehr nützlich.

Um ein 95% Arbeitsresultate zu erzielen, ist es wichtig, den Obstgarten entsprechend vorzubereiten. Der empfohlene Baumreihenabstand beträgt mind. 4 Meter, der Baumabstand in einer Reihe beträgt 2,2 bis zu 2,5 Meter. Wichtig ist auch die Höhe des Baumstammes – mind. 0,7 Meter. Der Durchschnitt der Baumkrone soll nicht 3,5 Meter überschreiten.

Die Maschine wird von nur drei Personen bedient: Einem Fahrer, einem Schüttelgerätbediener und einem weiteren Mitarbeiter.

Das Gerät wird für eine Fläche von 5 Hektar empfohlen. In optimalen Bedingungen kann man Früchte von 50 bis zu 60 Bäumen pro Stunde schütteln.




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